Behind the Lens: BLA

I am, Brandon Lamar Anderson, the CEO of Third Eye Photography. My passion for life is revealed through photography, by capturing the special moments in life that we all cherish. I enjoy connecting with people from different backgrounds and cultures. I feel that art unites us all, and my creative vision is what connects me with the universe.

I have a background in Photojournalism. So I approach every event or photo session with a journalistic point of view. I study my subjects, and pay attention to what they enjoy most. It helps me build emotion, and capture the story unfolding. The photographer inside of me, is in tune with creating visually striking work. I like to engage my subjects to draw the organic expressions within them. I bring more and more of their personality out in every shot. Photography allows me to document from unusual perspectives to give the simple things life.

At Third Eye Photography,
we develop your story one frame at a time. From the consultation, the creative process, to the delivery of final product. We create photos that people can appreciate and feel good about. I love photography, because it has the ability to highlight the essence of life, connect people, and create timeless art. Whether it be a digital negative or a canvas print, photos carry a story, and at Third Eye we give them a voice.

Welcome to the Third Eye Experience,

Brandon Lamar Anderson


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